Our business was designed to help you achieve your goals

As the Development and Delivery Partner, we design, develop and deliver projects that can include:

Solar PV (Roof and Ground)

While energy prices have risen, solar technology is more affordable than ever. Shorter payback periods and better finance options mean many businesses are turning to solar as a more cost-effective form of energy.

Lighting Retrofits (LED)

Replacing old lights with newer, more efficient fittings can reduce the energy usage by more than half. Plus, LED lights can last considerably longer. To get the benefits, it’s important to select the right technology and provider.

Energy Storage (Batteries)

Combining solar with battery storage is a game-changer for businesses looking to reduce energy costs. Affordability and shorter payback periods will make batteries a great way to offset the cost of grid-supplied electricity.

Power Purchase Agreements

Corporate and Behind-the-Meter PPAs offer the benefits of renewable electricity without investing your own capital. They provide greater certainty on future electricity costs, with fixed prices for an agreed period.


Customer Goals and Barriers

When business owners start to explore energy efficiency, they are typically looking to achieve one or more of these four goals:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Hedge against energy price volatility
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Reduce emissions and meet sustainability targets


There are key barriers to taking action that we see businesses struggle with, time and again:

  • Energy is not core business
  • Lack of expertise to design and deliver projects
  • Risk of choosing a poor quality vendor or technology
  • Competing needs for capital
  • The need for a faster ROI on their investment
  • Implementation complexity and capacity


Verdia’s value is in helping you to overcome these barriers, resulting in a faster process, greater confidence and less risk overall.



How is Verdia different?

Unlike vendors who sell technology, or consultants who offer advice but not delivery, our only priority is delivering on your goals. We are technology, provider and solution agnostic.


Our process

We start by understanding your needs, taking into account your business operations and financial requirements. We then do the groundwork to understand what’s feasible, and then develop a detailed project plan, including finance options.


Once you’re confident that you want to proceed, we manage procurement and project delivery, making sure your interests are protected throughout. When the project is complete, we ensure it delivers the expected results.