Energy equipment partners
We're proud to be accelerating the growth of leading energy equipment companies through our Energy Equipment Partner Program. We offer our customers a choice of suppliers that take quality and integrity as seriously as we do, and we recognise the important work our partners do to change the way society uses and manages energy.

Verdia's energy equipment partners are market leaders in:
Solar, lighting, HVAC and other energy equipment   / Engineering, procurement and construction or installation   / Providing ongoing operation and maintenance   / Responsive customer service   /

Why partner
with Verdia?

Partnering with Verdia means building your customer base by bidding on larger projects, more often. You'll also get access to long-term, low-cost asset finance, saving your customers more.

Market leading
asset finance

Verdia's solar and energy equipment partners can access:

— Our specialist solar and energy equipment asset finance team, with a deep understanding of the equipment they're financing and the long-term benefits. This means they can provide lower-cost finance solutions over longer terms, tailored specifically to solar and energy equipment projects.

— Market-leading asset finance through our exclusive agreement with Westpac, including access to the full range of Westpac and St George asset finance products.

New clients and
revenue streams

Verdia works both with Westpac and directly with large commercial, industrial and government clients to design and deliver rooftop solar, energy equipment and energy savings projects and programs. We don't install equipment or provide operations and maintenance services, so as a partner, you get the opportunity to grow your customer base, bidding on more and larger projects and programs.

Who partners
with Verdia?

Verdia works with leading equipment providers, EPC companies, installers and energy service companies across Australia, across the following sectors:

— Rooftop and captive solar

— Energy storage

— Lighting

— Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

— Refrigeration

— Smart meters

— Embedded networks and MicroGrids

— Automation and controls

— Compressed air

— Power factor correction and voltage optimisation