Multi-tenanted buildings

Multi-tenanted buildings: shopping centres, residential apartments, business parks and office buildings

Verdia can help property developers, owners, investors and managers save money on energy and reduce energy bills for their tenants and common areas.

With an embedded network, you purchase the total electricity for the building at a bulk discount, from a central metering point. The electricity is then on-sold to tenants, each with a private meter to monitor their electricity consumption - enabling you to sell electricity to tenants at a competitive rate. By combining an embedded network with rooftop solar and/or other building energy retrofits, you can pay back the finance or capital outlay faster.

The Verdia team has decades of experience in designing and delivering solar and energy efficiency projects from project scope and design, procurement, asset financing and project delivery. Once the project is complete, we provide ongoing asset management to ensure your system delivers the ongoing performance and cost savings you and your tenants expect.