Health &
aged care

Whether you're a hospital or an aged care facility, the wellbeing of your patients is your number one priority. We can help you reduce your operating costs so you can continue to focus on what you do best.

We support you to reduce energy usage with energy equipment upgrades and retrofits, including lighting, HVAC tuning and retrofit and other energy equipment. Plus, we can help you generate your own solar energy on site at a much lower cost than you purchase it from your energy retailer, and provide on-site storage solutions for emergency back up power.

We'll guide you through every part of your project including project scope and design, procurement, asset finance and project delivery. Once your project is complete, we stick by you for the long term with ongoing asset management to ensure your system delivers the performance and cost savings you expect.

Our specialist asset finance team can arrange long-term, low-cost asset finance through Westpac, eliminating the upfront cash flow impact associated with installing rooftop solar, LED lighting upgrades and other energy efficiency upgrades or solutions.

You start saving money as soon as your system is up and running, leaving you to get on with providing quality care for your patients.