Federal, state &
local government

Government is increasingly turning to clean, affordable energy to power its own buildings and facilities. Solar installations, lighting upgrades and HVAC tuning and retrofits can help government departments and authorities meet sustainability targets and cut energy costs.

We partner with government departments, agencies and local authorities to deliver rooftop solar and energy efficiency projects across owned and tenanted buildings from complex single sites, to programs with hundreds of buildings.

Verdia provides independent and specialist support to:

— Scope and design projects and multi-site programs

— Manage tender and procurement processes

— Provide long term, low cost funding for entire programs

— Provide oversight of delivery, including managing suppliers and contractors

— Ensure the solution delivers the expected performance and cost savings, with ongoing reporting via a single asset management platform.

With independent expertise, Verdia supports government departments, agencies and local authorities to obtain the most cost-effective solution and optimum results from their energy project. The funds saved can then be reallocated to other core programs and services.