About Verdia

It's time to change the way we think about energy

With global warming a reality and energy prices rising over the long term, the challenge has never been clearer. The traditional model of power supply, where electricity is generated and distributed centrally, is changing. Now organisations can generate and use their own energy on site, and take control of their own usage and supply requirements. 

Verdia was founded with a simple mission - to save energy and transition the economy to cleaner, more sustainable energy. We do this by helping our customers take control of their energy costs and get smart about how to generate, use and manage energy.

Now is the perfect time to invest in reducing energy costs. Advancements in solar, storage and other energy efficiency technology, combined with declining costs, make today's energy efficient solutions more powerful and more cost-effective.

Verdia helps commercial, industrial, real estate, government and major infrastructure customers realise significant savings by delivering solar projects, upgrading lighting and HVAC, and rolling out embedded networks.

How Verdia is different

We are all
about independence
and quality

Verdia is independent from equipment manufacturers, installers and energy retailers. That's how we are able to design and deliver the energy solutions that best suit your needs, saving you costs. We work for you, the customer.

We understand that choosing between energy suppliers and solutions is not straightforward. We identify project opportunities, validate potential savings and manage and oversee the procurement and installation of equipment. We provide customers with a choice of suppliers from among our qualified network of energy equipment manufacturers and service providers, who take quality and integrity as seriously as we do.

We are with
you from start
to finish

Verdia works in partnership with you, to design and manage energy projects on your behalf. We can act as project advisor, project development manager, long-term asset manager; or all three. Throughout the process, Verdia ensures you are provided with complete transparency across solutions, vendors and ongoing quality assurance. We provide clarity into how savings and value are being created, right through your project.

We achieve a
lower capital cost to speed
up your savings

The unique way in which Verdia works with Westpac Group significantly reduces the capital cost of your energy project or solution. This means that savings hit your bottom line faster.

We are solar and
energy efficiency

Verdia's highly experienced team has worked with the world's leading commercial and industrial, real estate, major infrastructure and government customers to identify and deliver energy savings. This includes deep expertise in complex single site, major infrastructure and large scale national rollouts of solar, energy storage, LED lighting, embedded network, and other commercial energy equipment and solutions.